The last old one

$ 32.95 AUD
Paperback, 322 pages

In a distant dystopian world, humanoids have established a way of life that is efficient, emotionally distant, purposeful and cold detachment. They have a reason to live, and a choice to leave the world at their own discretion. Within this bleak reality, a frail old woman, the last of her generation, clings to the fragments of her flaky memory and searching for a buried treasure. She has been repeatedly reminded of stale existence, urged to abandon her quest and take the last exit. She persists; unwilling to depart until her unfinished business is completed. Her foggy memory often deceives her but sometimes, it gives sudden glimpses into her rich past, offering clues that lead back to the treasure. Undeterred by her confusion, the Old One continues to search for answers until she crosses paths with an anomaly; a little boy with a mind of his own. The more time she spends with him the more she remembers her past, and realises her purpose. She undertakes one last task, her final act, before embarking on the ultimate journey — a choice she is now ready to make.




Paperback, 322 pages

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