Up close & impersonal

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Paperback, 310 pages.

In the heart of vibrant New York City, Mia Taylor, a spirited and carefree soul at thirty-two, thrives in the dream life she meticulously built. With the man of her dreams by her side, she guards a well-kept secret from her past, ensuring it remains concealed beneath the surface of her idyllic world. But fate takes a cruel turn one fateful day, unraveling her fairy tale as she stumbles upon an undeniable act of her husband's infidelity. The walls Mia so carefully constructed begin to crumble, and with them, the barriers safeguarding her hidden history. As buried memories surge forth like an unstoppable tide, Mia finds herself at a crossroads, torn between the life she has embraced and the ghosts she thought she had left behind. In this poignant tale set against the backdrop of a city known for its contrasts, follow Mia's journey as she navigates the stormy waters of betrayal, self-discovery, and the resilience needed to reconstruct a life she can truly call her own.


Standard English (USA & UK)


Paperback, 310 pages.

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